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His Honour Brigadier-General, the Honourable J. J. Grant, CMM, ONS, CD (Ret’d) Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing the success of all young Nova Scotians.  The Lieutenant Governor’s Award:  Ready to Write!  Prêt à écrire! celebrates the ability of young Anglophone Nova Scotians to communicate in French as their second language.

 Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Canada’s National Flag  1965-2015

On February 15, 2015, Canadians celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada.  The National Flag of Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf and l’Unifolié (French for “the one-leafed”), was adopted in 1965 to replace the Canadian Red Ensign.  It is the first ever flag to be designated as the country’s national flag.

Deadline extended to June 12, 2015   Application form, click here LG Award_Ready to Write_Pret a ecrire_2015_deadline extended

Purpose:  The purpose of the program is to fuel the interest of students toward learning French as a second language and to encourage these students to use their French skills.

The program reinforces the value of French second language education and provides students with confidence and increased motivation to continue learning the language.  Each year, a participant’s submission will be selected to promote the use of both official languages and to exemplify the outstanding work accomplished daily by students in schools across the province.

Eligibility: The students must be currently enrolled in a French second language program in grades 10, 11 or 12 in the province of Nova Scotia.

Guidelines:  One essay per participant will be accepted and must be accompanied by a completed registration form. The essays must relate to the theme of the contest and be written entirely in French.

Participants must not identify themselves by name, school, community or school board in the essay.   All submissions must be between 500 and 750 words and must be the original and independent work of the student. All entries must be double-spaced and typed.

The student should follow the writing process of revising and editing the document.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any reference materials must be properly footnoted and cited.

Selection Process: The submissions will be judged by a committee comprised of representatives of Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia, Université Sainte-Anne and other partner organizations or groups related to theme of the competition.  Each submission will be judged based on content, organization of ideas, creativity, originality, style and written language proficiency

Presentation: The recipient will be honoured at an Award Recognition Ceremony to be held at an appropriate venue, a Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia event or a suitable function in the recipient’s area before the end of the school year.   The recipient will also receive a $500 bursary from Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia.

Sponsorship:    The Lieutenant Governor’s Award:  Ready to Write!  Prêt à écrire! in partnership with Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia is supported by Université Sainte-AnneUniversité Sainte-Anne has a longstanding relationship with Canadian Parents for French and a history of supporting French education initiatives in Nova Scotia.

Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia, 8 Flamingo Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 4N8
Tel: (902) 453-2048 Toll free: 1-877-CPF-5233 Fax: (902) 455-2789

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