Concours d’art oratoire is Canada’s largest annual French-language public-speaking competition involving over a 100,000 students across Canada every year, and thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

The aims of this public speaking contest are to stimulate the interest of students learning French, to improve their oral skills, and to give them experience speaking in public.

This event is organized by Canadian Parents for French (CPF), who has worked together with parents and school staff since 1983 to organize school, district and provincial-level competitions.

Concours is open to French Second Language (FSL) and Francophone students from grades five through twelve who are studying Core French, Integrated French, Intensive French, French immersion (Early or Late) or French First Language (CSAP), or studying in at a CAIS school (Canadian Association of Independent Schools).

Regional Concours d’art oratoire are being held in the AVRSB, SSRSB and TCRSB.  CCRSB Schools should contact Mme  Leblanc-Dunn at the school board for information on sending students to the Provincial Concours.  Schools in the CBVRSB, HRSB  and SRSB should contact Rebecca Lancaster at CPF Nova Scotia for information on sending students to the Provincial Concours.    Les écoles du CSAP doivent communiquer avec Rebecca Lancaster au CPF de la Nouvelle-Écosse pour obtenir des renseignements sur l’envoi des élèves au Concours provincial

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Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia is delighted to announce the Concours d’art oratoire  (provincial French public speaking competition) on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at Mount Saint   Vincent University, Seaton Academic Centre.

The Concours d’art oratoire allows Canadian Parents for French to sponsor an activity where students from across the province express themselves and are recognized for their talents in French public speaking.  For many teachers, it is an opportunity to incorporate public speaking into their curriculum so that all their students benefit from the use of their researching, writing and presentation skills. Students will advance from their school and regional competitions to the provincial competition.


Concours d art oratoire categories 2017

Concours d art oratoire reglements_rules 2017

To create the greatest degree of fairness and challenge to each participant, and to avoid any student’s disqualification at the provincial or national level because of inappropriate placement, please refer closely to the Rules and Categories document. Please ensure that students are placed in the appropriate categories.   Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia retains the right to assess and move any student they feel is not in the appropriate category.  If the student does not agree with their re-evaluation, they will not be allowed to participate in the provincial competition.  Please review the information to ensure that teachers and students are aware of the guidelines to create the greatest degree of fairness and to avoid any student’s disqualification at the provincial or national level.


Guide de l’art oratoire_guide to public speaking

For more information contact CPF Nova Scotia at toll free, 1-877-CPF-5233 or 902-453-2048.