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NEW! FrancoForum Program for University Students

University students studying French or in the Education program are invited to register for this unique learning opportunity.  Immerse yourself in the unique language and culture of St. Pierre, France.   Sessions will be provided which focus on French second language teaching.  Participants will also have the opportunity to interact in a variety of activities with our youth campers (aged 14 to 18).   This is a unique summer opportunity not to be missed!

St Pierre is a French island offshore of Newfoundland. It is reached by a 75-minute flight from Halifax. As the island is a part of France, a visit to St Pierre will give participants studying French a genuine exposure to a taste of France yet they are close to home. Being an international destination you’ll need to bring your Euros and electrical converters, and you will get a stamp on your passport!

CPF Nova Scotia’s group to St Pierre in July will be hosted by the FrancoForum, a St Pierre based French language and culture institute affiliated with Memorial University.

Participants will be billeted with host families for the entire stay. Participants are required to speak French at all times, while also learning about the island and its unique traditions.

Activities participants can look forward to include: crêpe making classes, beach excursions, sports and recreation, a bakery visit, an introduction to the Basque sport of pétanque, social activities ,treasure hunts and much more.

Staying in host families will also broaden the experience. Host families prepare and serve all meals; and with the full gamut of activities also on offer, participants will be exposed to many ways to communicate in French.

For more information, visit the Francoforum for University students page.

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