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Board of Directors

Janet Claes, Past President (2014-2016, 2016-2018, 2018-2020, 2020-2021)

Jan Claes has devoted her entire career to the teaching of French as a Second Language. For almost thirty years, she shared her passion for the language and for teaching with her students in the classroom and then for three years, she shared this same passion with FSL teachers in her role as French Programming Consultant for Halifax Regional. Since 2010, she has been teaching FSL methods courses for the Faculty of Education of Mount Saint Vincent University.  Jan has been volunteering for Canadian Parents for French for ten years, holding the positions of Vice-President, then President, of the Dartmouth chapter, and member, then Vice-President, of the provincial board. She has been President of Canadian Parents for French-Nova Scotia since October 2018 and thus completes her two-year term this fall. She plans to continue on the board for one more year as Past President.

Kate Ashley, President (2017-2019, 2019- 2021)

Kate is a professor of French at Acadia University. She has had a variety of committee ex­perience, having served on Boards such as the Hum­ber Community YMCA and the Booker School. She has volunteered with CPF Nova Scotia as a judge at the Concours d’art oratoire. Kate currently has three children in French immersion.

Bailey Ross, Vice President/Youth Representative (2017-2019, 2019-2021)

Bailey Ross is currently a fourth-year student at l’Université Sainte-Anne in the Bachelor of Arts (major in French)/Bachelor of Education (secondary level). Originally from Digby, Nova Scotia, Bailey learned to speak French through the Early French immersion program. Since arriving at l’Université Sainte-Anne, Bailey has served as the V.P. of Student Services and President of the Student Union, a Senator of Sainte-Anne’s Academic Senate, a Governor on Sainte-Anne’s Governors Council, the Sainte-Anne representative on the Conseil de Jeunesse Provincial of Nova Scotia, and the CJPNS representative with the Société nationale de l’Acadie.  Bailey has been a Board member since 2017.   He has held the role of youth representative as well as secretary. “It is my hope that we can help spread the importance and of course the fun of learning a second language into the youth of today.” Bailey is in the second year of his second term.

Maryse Truax, Treasurer (2020-2022)

Maryse works at Le Petit Voilier, a non-profit early education centre with locations in five CSAP schools.

Luc Tardif, Director, (2017-2021)

Luc is the Director of International Recruit­ment at Université Sainte-Anne. Luc was involved with CPF Nova Scotia’s Forum des Fous project in 2010. He is an accomplished musician. Luc represents Université Sainte-Anne on the CPF Nova Scotia Board.  He is going into his second year of his second term.

Maria Rose, Director (2019-2021)

Maria Rose is a proud Halifax native, passionate about encouraging and promoting meaningful social change and trusting relationships within communities. Formerly the Chapter Outreach Officer for CPF Nova Scotia, Maria worked as the Communications and Project Specialist for Engage Nova Scotia. She holds a BA in International Development with a focus in language and communication from Dalhousie University.  She is also a new business owner in the Halifax area.  Maria is in the second year of her first term.

Guillaume Fleury, Director (2018-2022)

Originally from Normandy in France, Guillaume graduated from his B.Ed. from Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) in 2019. Since then, he has been working and teaching for the Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP). He currently works at École Rose-des-Vents, in Greenwood. He hopes to inspire future generations and pass on his passion for French!  Guillaume is starting the first year of his second term.

Kiley Burke, Director (2020-2022)

As a new graduate from the Bachelor of Education program at St FX, Kiley is a grade 6 teacher at École des Beaux-Marais in Porters Lake. Growing up in Prospect, Nova Scotia, Kiley completed a late immersion program from grades seven to twelve and went off to pursue French, Political Science and Environmental Sustainability at Dalhousie University before heading off to StFX. While going through university, Kiley taught several dance classes a week and continuously sought out opportunities in the community to improve her French, such as joining the Dalhousie French Society and attending weekly meet-up groups.


Rebecca Lancaster, Executive Director, [email protected]

Stacy Nadeau, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]

Marina Turbide, Project Administration Coordinator, [email protected]

Nicole Kabalen, Communications Coordinator (Atlantic region), [email protected]




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