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The Alliance Française of Halifax: AFH

A not-for-profit organization, the Alliance Française is dedicated to promoting the use of French and the appreciation of cultures that share the French language in their common heritage. Established in 1903 with approximately 1,000 students and members currently enrolled, it operates as a cultural centre and language school in the Greater Halifax Area.

It is part of an international network of 1,000 other independent Alliances throughout the world. The Alliance Française promotes communication between cultures through an exceptional environment: language classes, lectures, a media library, as well as organizing various cultural activities such as concerts, plays, and art exhibitions which together contribute to create an open cultural exchange.

Students are invited to participate in our cultural events program including art premieres, lectures, concerts, plays and more. Everyone is fully encouraged to enjoy the camaraderie of meeting our francophone members.


Nova Scotia Federation of Home & School Associations

The Nova Scotia Federation of Home & School Associations (NSFHSA), established in 1936, is an independent, volunteer, provincial organization, comprised of various parent groups. The Federation welcomes School Advisory Councils, PTAs as well as other parent groups throughout Nova Scotia. Members can be made up of parents, teachers, students, administrators, school board members and others, who are interested in working together for the benefit of all children and youth, at home, in schools and in our communities.

The Federation believes that when parents/guardians are well informed about their children’s education and work with teachers and administrators to bring about positive change, quality of life at school improves for all as well as quality of life in the home.

The Federation, therefore; encourages on-going communication and cooperation among parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, school boards and the community in making decisions, which affect the education system in Nova Scotia. NSFHSA believes in mutual respect and understanding for everyone’s views.

The NSFHSA is affiliated with the Canadian Home and School Federation. NSFHSA is also a member of the Atlantic Caucus which is comprised of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick and is also an education partner in conjunction with the NSTU, NSSBA, ANSEA and FPANE.


Conseil communautaire du Grand-Havre

Le CCGH œuvre dans la région métropolitaine de Halifax depuis plusieurs années. En plus d’agir comme porte-parole de la communauté francophone de la municipalité régionale de Halifax, d’établir des partenariats et de diffuser de l’information, le CCGH développe année après année, des programmes et des services pour la communauté francophone et francophile. Le CCGH gère plusieurs équipes, soit celles de la programmation, du service d’aide à l’emploi et celle pour l’utilisation des locaux communautaires.

The CCGH works towards the overall development of the Francophones and the Francophile community of the Halifax Regional Municipality since 1991. In addition of acting as a representative of the francophone community of the Halifax Regional Municipality, to build partnerships and share information, the CCGH develops year after year, programs and services for the Francophone and Francophile community.



Halifax Language Consortium

Who are we?

We are a group of some 35 highly qualified local people who are involved in language instruction and learning—including representatives of local universities, HRM, ISANS, public and independent schools, parents’ associations, NGOs, private language schools, and interpreters and translators.

The Consortium is not affiliated with any single institution. It has a President, a Secretary, four Advisory Committee Members, and individual members. We have mandated ourselves to hold a minimum of three meetings per year; all individual members are voting members and membership is free.

Qui sommes-nous? 

Nous sommes un groupe d’une trentaine de personnes locales hautement qualifiées impliquées dans l’enseignement et l’apprentissage des langues. Parmi nous : des membres des universités locales, de la Municipalité Régionale de Halifax, de ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of

Nova Scotia), d’écoles publiques et privées, d’associations parentales, d’ONG, d’écoles de langues privées ainsi que des interprètes et des traducteurs.

Le Consortium n’est affilié à aucune institution. Il est composé d’un président, d’une secrétaire, d’un comité consultatif de quatre membres et de membres individuels. Nous nous sommes donné pour mandat d’avoir un minimum de trois réunions par an ; l’adhésion est gratuite et chaque membre a le droit de vote.

Halifax Language Consortium

Le Partenariat acadien et francophone de Halifax

Le Partenariat acadien et francophone de Halifax est une coalition multipartite de partenaires engagés à travailler ensemble pour l’épanouissement linguistique et culturel de la communauté acadienne et francophone de la Municipalité régionale de Halifax.


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