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  • Bilingual Career Exploration Day

    An opportunity to promote work, volunteer and educational programs to high school students. A chance to inspire soon-to-be graduates and share personal experiences enhanced by bilingualism. The Bilingual Career Exploration Day (BCED) is one of Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia’s most successful events. Since this event started in 2006, CPF Nova Scotia has seen over 5,000 students participate. This event gives high school IB/French Immersion and French first language students (grade 10-12) the opportunity to explore career paths where French is an asset. Une occasion de faire la promotion des programmes de carrière, bénévole et éducation. Inspirez les futurs diplômés et partagez vos expériences personnelles avec le bilinguisme. Le Salon d’exploration d’emplois bilingues (SEEB) de Canadian Parents for French, Nouvelle-Écosse (CPF NÉ) est un événement qui a eu beaucoup de sucées. Plus de 5000 étudiants de la Nouvelle-Écosse qui ont déjà participle depuis 2006. Our next Bilingual Career Exploration Day will be held at Saint Mary's University on February 22, 2019.

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  • French Summer Camps

    Each year, Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia organizes an exciting summer camp season. There are week-long overnight camps available that cover a range of French levels and activities. Imagine having all the fun of summer camp « En francais »! See you in 2019!

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  • Concours d'art oratoire

    Canada’s largest annual French-language public-speaking competition

          Concours d’art oratoire is Canada’s largest annual French-language public speaking competition involving over a 100,000 students across Canada every year, and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. The aims of this public speaking contest are to stimulate the interest of students learning French, to improve their oral skills, and to give them experience speaking in public. This event is organized by Canadian Parents for French (CPF), who has worked together with parents and school staff since 1983 to organize school, district and provincial-level competitions. Concours is open to French Second Language (FSL) and Francophone students from grades five through twelve who are studying Core French, Integrated French, Intensive French, French immersion (Early, Middle or Late) or French First Language (CSAP), or studying in at a CAIS school (Canadian Association of Independent Schools). What is Concours d_art oratoire_teachers CPF NOVA SCOTIA PROVINCIAL CONCOURS D'ART ORATOIRE 2019
    Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia is delighted to announce the Concours d’art oratoire  (provincial French public speaking competition) on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Mount Saint Vincent University. Students will advance from their school and  regional school board competition  to the provincial competition.   For information on participating in the Concours d'art oratoire, please contact your child's teacher or the French Second Language Consultant at your school board. The Concours d’art oratoire allows Canadian Parents for French to sponsor an activity where students from across the province express themselves and are recognized for their talents in French public speaking.  For many teachers, it is an opportunity to incorporate public speaking into their curriculum so that all their students benefit from the use of their researching, writing and presentation skills. Students will advance from their school and regional competitions to the provincial competition.  Information on the Concours d'art oratoire hosted by Regional Centres for Education can be found on our events page. RULES AND CATEGORIES - Concours d art oratoire reglements_rules 2019 Concours d_art oratoire Categories 2019 To create the greatest degree of fairness and challenge to each participant, and to avoid any student’s disqualification at the provincial or national level because of inappropriate placement, please refer closely to the Rules and Categories document. Please ensure that students are placed in the appropriate categories.   Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia retains the right to assess and move any student they feel is not in the appropriate category.  If the student does not agree with their re-evaluation, they will not be allowed to participate in the provincial competition.  Please review the information to ensure that teachers and students are aware of the guidelines to create the greatest degree of fairness and to avoid any student’s disqualification at the provincial or national level. FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS Guide de l'art oratoire_guide to public speaking Choosing a topic _English_ Comment choisir un sujet _French_ How to guide to public speaking _English_ How to guide Public Speaking _French For more information contact CPF Nova Scotia at toll free, 1-877-CPF-5233 or 902-453-2048.
    CONCOURS D’ART ORATOIRE SCHEDULE/HORAIRE 2019 Le 27 avril/April 27 2019 - Mount Saint Vincent University, Seton Academic Building 10h30-11h30            Registration/Inscription Foyer – 1st Floor/1re étage 11h45                         Opening Ceremony/Ouverture Auditorium – 4th Floor/4e étage Welcome/Bienvenue – Janet Claes, President CPF Nova Scotia Opening Address/Adresse 12h00 - 14h00/12-2 pm                                     Speeches/Discours Classrooms/Salles de classe, 5th Floor/5e étage Please do not enter or leave the classrooms during the speeches.  Once the speeches are completed, please proceed immediately to the auditorium.  Lingering in the hallways distracts students presenting in other rooms. Veuillez ne pas entrer ou quitter les salles de classe pendant les discours.  Après les discours, veuillez aller directement à l’auditorium. Rester dans les corridors est une distraction aux élèves qui présentient dans les autres salles. 13h30-14h30/1h30-2h30 Entertainment/Divertissement     -   P’tit Belliveau Auditorium – 4th Floor/4e étage 2:30/14h30               Awards Ceremony/Présentation des prix Auditorium – 4th Floor/4e étage  

    Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia (CPF Nova Scotia ) is looking for volunteers to judge, time keepers, emcees, and questioners at the Concours d’Art Oratoire 2019 (French public speaking) on April 27, 2019. CPF Nouvelle-Écosse est toujours à la recherche de bénévoles pour aider en tant que juges, animateurs et questionnaires avec notre concours provincial. Informations sur le bénévolat peuvent être trouvées sur notre site Web. Concours d’art oratoire volunteers can sign up at or contact our office directly. Les bénévoles peuvent s’inscrire sur ou contacter directement notre bureau. This event hosts regional winners from French first and second language programs throughout the province. Students at the grade 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 levels in will compete in the categories of Core French, Integrated French, French Immersion (late, early and middle), and Francophone.      

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Encounters with Canada/Rencontres du Canada is a once in a lifetime experience for Canadian Teens to meet young people from across the country. Every week of the school year, 120 to 148 teens from across Canada (ages 14-17) come to Ottawa, where they discover their country through each other, learn about Canadian institutions, meet famous and accomplished Canadians, explore exciting career options, develop their civic leadership skills and live an extraordinary bilingual experience.


Experiences Canada is a national registered charity that helps young Canadians to explore their country in ways they never may have imagined through reciprocal exchanges, forums, conferences and other opportunities to travel and connect with one another.

SWAP Working Holidays

After 40 years, SWAP is more than just working holidays!

We started back in 1975, helping young Canadians live the dream of living and working in different countries around the world. We made it our mission to help Canadians land on their feet in new cities by helping them find accommodation and jobs, as well as host social events. We still proudly do that today, but over the years we’ve also expanded our horizons to include exciting programs in volunteering (in South Africa and India), teaching abroad (Thailand and Vietnam), and most recently into language and cultural programs (Japan and Costa Rica)!

As a not-for-profit program of the Canadian Federation of Students, it is our mission to offer you the best in international experiences at the lowest prices, whether you want to work in London, volunteer at an Indian orphanage, teach English overseas, or simply live by the beach in Australia.

Explore Program – Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)

French-Language Program — Most expenses are covered!

Are you looking for a spring or summer program to learn French? Do you want to discover another region of Canada and meet new people? Go Explore! Explore is an intensive language-immersion program. You can take the program in the spring or summer, whichever you prefer. Participants in Explore receive funding that covers tuition fees for the programs, instructional materials, meals and accommodations, workshops, and other mandatory activities. Discover another region of Canada while learning French. Have an adventure and make new friends this spring or summer!


Odyssey Program – Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)

Are you looking for a paid work experience in a school environment? Does the opportunity to travel throughout Canada, and share your culture appeal to you? Take part in Odyssey! Odyssey is a language-assistant program. Under the supervision of a teacher, your role will be to encourage students to improve their knowledge of the English language and its associated cultures and to use the language on a daily basis. You will leave your home province or territory to work in a rural or suburban area in another province.

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