CPF Nova Scotia’s Annual Report 2017-2018

//CPF Nova Scotia’s Annual Report 2017-2018

CPF Nova Scotia’s Annual Report 2017-2018

How do we engage with educators in schools of Education? How do we reach teachers? How can we bring in the wider community and convince them of the need for a second language? How do we diversify our funding within the private sector?

These are some of the questions for which we are trying to find answers and solutions.  As CPF members, I encourage us to continue to look at ways of improving communications; ways of promoting our “brand”. If we continue to work on these areas, we will offer even better service to both teachers and students. It has been a privilege for me to have worked with such fine dedicated people.  Advocating for French for the youth of our province is a noble venture.  Allons-y.

Tony Orlando, President 2017-2018

For more details on our achievements, activities and events,  read our CPF Nova Scotia Annual Report!

CPF Nova Scotia _Annual Report 2017-2018


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