TCRCE Teacher Wins French Second Language Educator of the Year Award 2019

//TCRCE Teacher Wins French Second Language Educator of the Year Award 2019

TCRCE Teacher Wins French Second Language Educator of the Year Award 2019

Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia was delighted to honour Mme Lenora Surette at the annual conference on September 28.  Lenora Surette is currently a Grade 4/5 French Immersion teacher at Meadowfields Community School with the Tri-County Regional Center for Education.

The CPF Nova Scotia French Second Language Educator of the Year Award recognizes French second language (FSL) educators in the province, celebrates their dedication and continued efforts as educators. This award acknowledges excellence in French second language teaching, and teachers’ initiative and innovation.

Lenora obtained her degree in Education from Université Ste. Anne 24 years ago and then pursed Masters of Education degrees from Mount Saint-Vincent and Acadia.    Lenora has held various leadership positions with the French Second Language Department at the board level in the past.  Six years ago, Lenora returned to the classroom and found her place at the upper elementary level where she combines her love of teaching, music, humor and the French language.

Lenora’s classroom is inviting, stimulating and nurturing.  Students look forward to their year with Mme Surette knowing they will participate in a yearlong Classroom Economy Program where they get to apply for a job, work, bank and manage their expenses.   As Lenora fosters independence and critical thinking, students are motivated to achieve their best daily where they feel comfortable taking risks.

Communication is at the heart of Lenora’s classroom community.  Her students feel comfortable making mistakes and understand that Madame will provide corrections in a manner that builds their self-esteem.  Lenora is a huge proponent of the Concours d’art oratoire and has encouraged many students from the TCRCE to participate in this co-curricular activity.

Lenora encourages service-based learning by involving her students in many school-wide events such as hosting a hospitality suite yearly for Veterans or partnering her class with the new primary French Immersion students so that they can practice using and teaching their second language.  Her students discover how the educational, emotional and psychological benefits of their individual and collective efforts can boost their own sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Félicitations to Mme Lenora Surette!

Left to right:  Jan Claes (CPF Nova Scotia) and Lenora Surette (TCRCE)

Photo: CPF Nova Scotia Left to right: Jan Claes (CPF Nova Scotia) and Lenora Surette (TCRCE)



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