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    CANADIAN PARENTS FOR FRENCH CELEBRATES FRENCH LANGUAGE CHAMPION AT CPF NETWORK CONFERENCE CPF Nova Scotia recognizes Nancy Belliveau for her exceptional work in French Second Language Education Halifax, Nova Scotia (October 26, 2018) –   The Canadian Parents for French (CPF) Network Conference took place in Halifax from October 18-21.  CPF Nova Scotia took time to recognize the outstanding achievement of Nancy Belliveau, who was presented the 2018 Nova Scotia FSL Champion award. CPF delegates from across the county enjoyed a reception at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21on October 18. Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook MP Darrell Samson delivered greetings to the group from Minister Mélanie Jolie at Canadian Heritage.  Following M. Samson’s speech, President Anthony Orlando presented the 2018 French Second Language Champion award to Nancy Belliveau. Nancy Belliveau started her journey in French in 1983 when she took the immersion program at Université Sainte-Anne.  She graduated with a B.Ed  specializing in teaching French Second Language from Université Sainte-Anne; then a Masters in French from Sainte-Anne and one in English from Acadia University. Mme. Belliveau was a teacher with the AVRSB for 14 years as well as a consultant in pedagogy for an additional 10 years.  She has taught French Second Language methodology for teachers every summer, except two, at Sainte-Anne since 1994.  Mme Belliveau also taught French Second Language methodology courses at Acadia University for close to the same length of time. Mme. Belliveau is passionate about French and training teachers to teach French Second Language.  She credits falling in love with her Francophone husband as the reason that her household and family are truly bilingual. The French Second Language Champion Award was established in 2016.  Recipients to date have been Patricia Holland, founding Director of CPF Nova Scotia and Greta Murtagh, retired HRSB French consultant. The CPF Network Conference reception wrapped up with CPF delegates and guests playing an enthusiastic game of Face aux Questions with volunteers, Laurie Bolland and Florence Roach from the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education.  The CPF Network Conference was last held in Halifax in 1990. Felicitations to Mme. Nancy Belliveau! BLUENOSE ACADEMY TEACHER MAKES FRENCH FUN FOR STUDENTS SOUTH SHORE REGIONAL CENTRE FOR EDUCATION TEACHER WINS FRENCH SECOND LANGUAGE EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD 2018 Halifax, Nova Scotia (October 30, 2018) Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia was delighted to honour Jason Belliveau Wood at their 41st Annual General Meeting on October 20. Jason Belliveau Wood is in his tenth year as a French second language teacher.  He is presently teaching at Bluenose Academy in the South Shore Regional Centre for Education (SSRCE). The CPF Nova Scotia French Second Language Educator of the Year Award recognizes French second language (FSL) educators in the province, celebrates their dedication and continued efforts as educators. This award acknowledges excellence in French second language teaching, and teachers’ initiative and innovation. As a second language learner in an anglophone community, Jason Belliveau Wood can relate to the struggles that come with learning a new language. While a student at Bridgetown Regional High School, he was surrounded by excellent French second language teachers such as Tony Orlando, Meredith Burton, and Glen Melanson, who took a genuine interest in his progress, both in the classroom and in the community. Getting to know his students and encouraging them to seek out opportunities to speak French has been an important step in reinforcing his French second language lessons. After high school, Jason Belliveau Wood went on to study in the immersion program at Université Sainte-Anne and later complete his M.Ed. (FSL Instruction). It was in this truly immersive environment that his love and appreciation of the French language and cultures began to take shape. He will always be grateful for the Acadian people, the community of French second language learners, and professors such as Nicole Muise, Stéphanie St-Pierre and Clint Bruce. Jason Belliveau Wood take his classes to Université Sainte-Anne each year to participate in a mini immersion camp. He considers it a privilege to share the Sainte-Anne experience with them.  His students look forward to the Sainte-Anne trip and remember fondly years later. Jason Belliveau Wood strives to create a learning environment where students can feel comfortable speaking, listening, and writing in their second language, understanding that making mistakes is a part of the process. Embracing the Neurolinguistic approach to second language learning, M. Belliveau Wood encourages his students to be active participants in the classroom. Always looking for different ways to make learning fun, he adapts his lessons to incorporate students’ interests, integrating current technology, using visuals and gestures, and even telling a few ‘dad jokes’. Over the past six years, teaching in the SSRCE, Jason has been fortunate to work with capable and enthusiastic mentors; Gaston Comeau, Mary Chisholm, and Paige Ferguson. In Jason Belliveau Wood's "free" time, he and his wife are raising 3 children in Lunenburg. It was also at Université Sainte-Anne where Jason Belliveau Wood met his wife, Jackie, who has been an unwavering source of support and encouragement over the past 17 years of educational and professional pursuits. Félicitations to M B-Dubs!

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    TRURO TEACHER WINS FRENCH SECOND LANGUAGE EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD    Halifax, Nova Scotia –   Growing up in New Brunswick, Martha Kenny was lucky to have parents who recognized and valued the need to communicate in more than one language.  Armed with the knowledge that being able to communicate in two languages was the way to understand our world, Mme Kenny chose education as her profession.  Canadian Parents for French - Nova Scotia is pleased to honour a dedicated French Second Language teacher who has worked extensively in French immersion, integrated French and the higher levels of the International Baccalaureate program in Nova Scotia. A graduate of the University of New Brunswick, Martha Kenny started her teaching career in Prince Edward Island in 1982.  As a military wife, Mme Kenny was fortunate to have the opportunity to teach in many provinces.  Martha Kenny has taught at the Cobequid Education Centre for twelve years.  She is an exceptional motivator with a strong philosophy of multiculturalism. “As a second language teacher, I believe it is important to help students become prepared to live in our global society.  I strive to help them understand how wonderful it is to be not only bilingual but also bicultural,” said Mme Kenny, “Through a variety of different teaching styles with a strong support of methodology and technology I encourage students to be receptive to other languages and cultures.” At CEC, Mme Kenny’s ultimate goal is to have students value their own experiences and to think critically.  She teaches by valuing each student’s learning style and interests to encourage them to take command of their second language learning. The CPF Nova Scotia French Second Language Educator of the Year Award recognizes French Second Language educators in the province and celebrates their dedication and continued efforts as educators. This award acknowledges excellence in French second language teaching, and teachers’ initiative and innovation. Félicitations to Madame Kenny!

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