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Members bring our Mission and Vision to life!

When you become a member, you will:

  • Receive the CPF-NS newsletter, keeping you up to date on French second language programs and issues, as well as our upcoming events;
  • Be informed about French activities outside the classroom such as French camps, French clubs, book fairs, French public speaking contests, travelling performers, bursaries and exchange programs;
  • Have the opportunity to help set priorities in French second language issues in your area;
  • Have an opportunity to network with people who are working towards similar goals for their children;
  • Give visible support to an organization that is working on behalf of our children; the more members we have, the more clout we have.

Join today! Click here for membership on-line or fill out the following form: Individual Membership

Associate Member Organizations (AMO)

While any educator or other professional working with youth is welcome – and encouraged! – to take on an individual CPF membership, consider registering your school or organization as an Associate Member Organization, or AMO. AMOs get access to the latest research-based information that they need in their professional lives, and can gain exclusive access to CPF programs like our famous Concours d’art oratoire.

After registering with CPF, AMOs – non-voting members of the CPF family – receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest information and research on French-second-language education.
  • Access to The CPF Guide, a searchable database of all French immersion and extended core French programs in Canadian school systems.
  • Access to Peer Tutoring Literacy Program™ Manual and DVD.
  • Subscriptions to our informative national and provincial/territorial newsletters for members.
  • Information on where to find a broad range of support materials.
  • Discounts on advertising in CPF publications and on the national website.
  • Networking opportunities with individuals and groups who support FSL programs.
  • In Nova Scotia, AMOs are able to access a $200 cultural bursary to support FSL events. Cultural Bursary Application Form
Click here to join online or fill out the following form: AMO Membership
To see the full list of benefits and discounts for CPF members, see CPF National’s Membership Benefits page.

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