French on Fridays! Vendredi on parle!

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Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia is here to help with ideas to encourage and enrich French as second language while at home.   We have an exciting program for parents called French on Fridays! The goal of French on Fridays is to support the goals of French second language programs in easy fun ways using activities that you may normally do in English. We hope to help parents rise to the challenge of using more French at home by designating Fridays for French.   CPF Nova Scotia has created some fun and informative materials for parents!

The AT HOME brochure is for parents and kids. Parents are always a part of their child’s learning environment. This brochure has activities and tips for parents to be involved in their child’s language learning path. This brochure is helpful for students in core French or the immersion program.

All the information in the brochures and more is found in the TIPS, TOOLS & RESOURCES booklet. This handy booklet has information on French second languages in our province, lists of internet sites, and educational partners.

If you should wish a  hard copy of these resources sent to you, please contact our branch office.


Looking for quick ways to use French “à la maison’? CPF Nova Scotia has tips and tactics for kids and parents to use more French in their lives.

AT HOME: French on Fridays_brochure

TIPS, TOOLS & RESOURCES for Parents: French on Fridays_brochure French on Fridays_tips_tools_resources 2020



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