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From kindergarten to postgraduate studies, CPF has tools and activities for youth and students in Canada currently studying French as a second language.

CPF Guide for Bilingual Youth 2017

Guide to opportunities in French for senior high school students or recent graduates.

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages

The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada has developed a variety of tools and resources for Canadian youth and students. These tools can be used in various subject areas, such as learning French or English as a first or second language, social studies and history.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Government of Nova Scotia

Scholarships, awards and grants available to students to continuing studying in French at the post-secondary level.

French Studies Scholarships

Scholarships, awards, prizes and bursaries available at Nova Scotian universities in the field of French Studies.

Concours d’art oratoire

French Public Speaking Competition organized by Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia. Scholarship prizes at Universite Sainte-Anne, Universite de Moncton, University of Ottawa and other institutions across Canada for students in grades 11 & 12.

CPF- Halifax Peninsula and Mainland South Chapter: $1,000 bursary for an African Canadian who is planning to attend Universite Ste-Anne in the B.Ed program become a French immersion or Core French teacher.  For information, please contact the CPF Nova Scotia branch office.

Homework Help

Alloprof is a website from Quebec that provides useful homework tools, including a large French virtual library and online discussion forums.

The Altas of Canada is available online in both French and English.

Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec is Quebec’s provincial library website.

Canada Channel is the largest inventory of Canadian Social Studies resources on the Internet

Nova Scotia Homework Hub is a website with online resources in French and English to help with homework.

Historica has an online resources available in French and English for history students.

  1. ISEF allows you to search by keyword through a variety of francophone websites included in their online index.
  2. The portal offers an abundance of educational resources, educational materials, training organizations and information that enhances second official language teaching and learning in Canada.
  3. Library and Archives Canada provides links to many online resources for research.
  4. Mathforum has a section for students, where they can find help with math. There is a special link on this website for Non-English Math Resources.
  5. Formatic 2000 provides a list of links to French websites on various topics that could be useful for research projects.
  6. The University of Calgary Centre français has compiled a list of French links on a variety of topics that can be utilized for homework and research projects.

Language Help

  1. has tips and information about the French accents for those learning French.
  2. BonPatron is an online French grammar corrector. Students who need to verify the grammar of their homework can simply copy/paste typed French text at BonPatron for quick correction.
  3. Le dictionnaire multifunction is TV5 monde’s free online dictionary. It’s functions include a French-English dictionary, definitions, synonyms, usage, and verb conjugations.
  4. Le grand dictionnaire terminologique is an online dictionary produced by the government of Quebec. This webpage also includes other helpful French language links.
  5. Le Point du FLE is a web-based French language educational activities website. It includes a variety of online learning tools, as well as exercises to print and download.
  6. Verb2Verb is a helpful website that lists all the conjugation in the various tenses for known French and English verbs.

See also our Youth Activities section for camps, contests and more!

Outside Sources

CPF’s partners, collaborators and sponsors have a variety of tools as well for students in Canada; check out the links below!

Le Myosotis – CPF members qualify for a 10% discount!

French-language study aids and software

University of Ottawa’s Portail Francophile – French resources on campus



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