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Did you take core French, or attend a French Immersion or French First language program? Did you graduate from one of these programs? Do you know someone who did?

Help us encourage others pursue their French language learning journey. See the stories of some who have followed that path.

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What is Canadian Parents for French?

Canadian Parents for French Nova Scotia works with the Department of Education, teacher organizations, and other groups concerned about education to ensure that there is support for French language education. Canadian Parents for French Nova Scotia organizes French language extra- and co-curricular activities for students across the province.

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212, 2020


NATIONAL FRENCH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE POETRY CONTEST WHAT? A French poetry contest for students learning French as a second language WHAT? Submit a typed (or filmed*) poem using the online form by February 10, 2021 Rules: Poems must have a limit of 20 lines or less. Entries should be typed. Documents will [...]

2011, 2020

Fundraiser for the Halifax Peninsula and Mainland South Chapter Scholarship Fund

The Halifax Peninsula and Mainland South Chapter is having a Fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund.  The goal of the fundraiser is to award 5 scholarships valued at $250 each to graduating students who have demonstrated an Excellence in French in Grade 12 at Citadel High School and JL Ilsley School. [...]

1410, 2020


Unfortunately our French Tutoring program has filled very quickly. We are now starting a waitliist.   We will try to accommodate families on the waitlist in our next program starting in January   To register for the waitlist, click https://form.jotform.com/CPFNational/tutoringwaitlist    Canadian Parents for French - Nova Scotia is proud to be offering a [...]

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